Does Street Evangelism Work?

Greg Stier, a dyed in the wool hardcore street evangelist type (by his own confession) writes about some of his misgivings of street evangelism. It’s a very worthwhile read if you do any cold contact evangelism, not because in any sense his thoughts are novel, but because they’re so well lived out and understood.

Isn’t it the responsibility of the evangelizing believer to do his/her best to follow up on those they lead to Jesus? Yes! But I can tell you from three decades of hands-on experience, it is much easier to lead a person to Christ than to get them to agree to give you their contact information. Even if you do, it is very difficult to get them to say “yes” to attending church with you. Over my decades of mall evangelism, I coined the phrase, “It’s easier to get somebody out of hell and into heaven than it is from the mall to the church.”