Come See the Tabernacle

For one day only, the actual genuine1 Israelite Tabernacle will be erected in the sports hall of the All Souls Clubhouse, London. Come and be taken for a tour around a working2, half size replica of the Tabernacle by a real priest of the people of God (who knows personally the great High Priest). TOUCH the ARK OF THE COVENANT (without dying)! SEE into the HOLY of HOLYS (without getting smote)! FIND OUT what on earth a BRONZE LAVER is3.

All this and more (Lampstands! Ephods! Gallons of Blood!), from 18:00 – 21:00 at 141 Cleveland Street, London (but use the side entrance by the pub).

Seriously, it’ll be awesome. If you’re on facebook you might be able to see this event link. Contact me for more details.

1 A lie.

2 Also a lie.

3 Actually I can’t remember if this one got worked out, something about Jesus though.