Young Disciples – Discipling Youth in a Mission Context

Fuzz Kitto (Veteran youth work person) will be at LICC this Friday to talk about discipling and working with young people from an unchurched background (pdf).

“Fuzz will be exploring how we go about discipling young people from a distinctly non church background – fuelled by Fuzz’s long experience of working with young people in a variety of contexts. He’ll also be helping us join the dots between cross-cultural mission and our own situation in the UK. For some time now mission to young people in the UK has been described as connecting with, in effect, an un-reached people group so Fuzz will be sharing wisdom from his journeys around the world, witnessing fresh expressions of Church and outreach in extremely diverse contexts. And He’ll be delving into the parable of the Sower – Matthew 13 – in order to reflect on Jesus own approach to discipling.

The day will begin with pastries, coffees and juice at 9 so do join us then. The teaching sessions will begin at 10 and we’ll be letting you go at 1 to go and grab your own lunch. Feel free to bring it back to the LICC to eat, the space will be available to you until 2.30pm”