Rob Bell the Rabbi

I don’t really know much about Rob Bell, but Gareth does and so he wrote him a poem

Rob Bell is a Christian,
but wishes he was Jewish,
everything thats Jewish he’s well into,
more than just Jewish, Rob Bell wants to be a Rabbi,
boy, does he love them Rabbi’s,
he says Jesus was a Rabbi,
he love’s them so much that he wants to be one,
Rob Bell loves Rabbi’s so much,
if he was an animal he would want to be a Rabbi-t,
when he orders food, he always gets a Rab-eye steak,
Rob Bell…he loves the Rabbi’s
Rabbi, Rabbi, Rabbi

It’s beautiful, but it allows me to rant about something briefly. If we think that Jewish teachers know the Old Testament1 well, then we haven’t understood the Old Testament. If I ask a small child at my church what the passover reminds them of, and they say “JESUS”, then they have a better understanding of the Old Testament than the man who has memorized the Pentateuch but doesn’t know Jesus.

1 Which in fairness, from what little I know, I don’t think is Rob Bell’s problem.