Panorama: Jailed For a Knife

The Panorama documentary about young people and knife crime is up on iPlayer (UK only) and it’s fascinating viewing, not just to find out about knife crime. Five young people, all jailed for knife crime (either murdering or seriously injuring someone), all talking about why they carried a knife and all saying it was for defensive uses only. It’s especially interesting though for what it shows about repentance and forgiveness. None of them seem to be able to articulate quite what they’ve done or how it’s affected the family of their victim, or what they should do in response, and a lot of the remorse seems to be because it’s destroyed their own lives, not that of others, but if people aren’t taught how to repent, or why asking for forgiveness is important, or why their crime is not just between them and the victim but between them and God, then how will they know how to deal with that?


I e-mailed a producer at Panorama (contact me or just check their website for the details) and was sent a copy of it on DVD a few days later.