BCYWC 2009 Day 1

Here are some brief scribbles about what’s struck me so far, as written badly on my notepad at the time:

Ed Vaughan is doing the talks, apparently tonight he’s wearing the same jumper as Pete Ward. Read into that what you will. He’s doing 3 sessions on 1 Samuel looking at the life of Saul and “how to be a leader with a heart of God”. Presuming he’s not setting up Saul as exemplar in that.

Trevor Peace is speaking, he’s lovely. His first point is “are you teaching God’s message?” Money quote “If you’re not taken up with Jesus, then stuff your Bible”. Then something along the lines of “if people don’t think what you’re saying is foolishness then have you told them the gospel clearly?” (he’s going through the second half of 1 Corinthians if yo haven’t guessed). “If you teach your kids to hold fast to this message, they’ll be like lambs to the slaughter, which is kinda what Jesus said”. The Spirit holds on to us by telling us that we have to hold on.

John Tinball then is speaking this evening on Song of Songs of Songs. He wasn’t going to speak on this, but then felt he should because he felt more led to do it. He didn’t tell anyone before hand. I didn’t take notes on this, but it was absolutely awesome, “is Jesus the lover of your soul?” is the gist, and it’s experiential and wonderful and convicting.

And that’s Monday. Well, the bar was cheap and the food was nice and the wifi is nippy, but yeah other than that.