Mayor Announces ‘Time For Action’ on Youth Crime

Mayor Boris Johnson today called for a radical new approach to the rehabilitation of first time young offenders and teenagers on remand at the launch of his youth action plan consultation paper.

As he stood proudly atop Buckingham Palace, cape flapping bolding in the wind and feet firmly placed, staring down at the press crew.

Boris Johnson has announced a new action plan for youth crime. It contains five points, which vary on which part of the press release you read. The action plan itself contains six points some of which have been given ominous sounding names, further reassuring us that the Greater London Authority building really will slide back to launch thousands of robo-police to take over the capital.


Anyway, those six points:

  • Supporting young people who are in custody for the first time (Project
  • Daedalus);

  • Keeping young people in education (Project Brodie);
  • Mayor’s Scholars, London Academies and Apprentices;
  • developing character and responsibility (Project Titan);
  • expanding sport and music opportunities; and
  • establishing and disseminating what works best (Project Oracle).

Some of it seems pretty sensible, based upon solving root problems, not just dealing with causes, but as this is just an action plan and a call to do stuff, who knows how it’s going to actually turn out in real life (or if it even will). You can read the whole action plan here if you want (pdf).