Spurgeon and Empowerment

Prayer meetings for boys and girls, judiciously conducted, will be of abundant service. There should always be an experienced lover of children at their head, and then the fewer grown-up persons tolerated in the room the better. When there are half a dozen praying children present, their earnest prayers and tears will be with those of their own age the most potent instrumentality imaginable. Never fear precocity, there is much more danger of indifference and levity. Let wisdom and love preside. The fact of not being able to pray will often, by the blessing of the Holy Spirit, force home conviction upon the young conscience and lead to the best results… We know classes where the young believers have multiplied till they have become the majority and then they have, of their own accord, formed a sort of religious society for bringing in others of their playmates and relatives, for looking after absentees, for writing to the unsaved, and for generally seeking the glory of God within the bounds of the class. Fine education, this, for future church members1.

C. H. Spurgeon Editorial – The Sword and The Trowel (April 1868)

1 As much as it pains me to critique Spurgeon, but this last line makes no sense compared to the others. Surely if they’re doing that much you should be thinking of them as part of the church now? They can run small groups, but don’t officially count as members. I know what he’s driving at, and I know he’s still a child of his time and all, but I’ll stop pointing it out when people stop saying a similar thing in 2008.