Evangelists Conference 2008: Outrageous Grace

Live Blogging the Evangelists Conference 2008! Or “What Would Have Been Live Blogging Had I Been Putting This Up Online As I Was Writing It Into My Notepad”. Which works out the same for you seeing as you probably won’t have had the patience to press Apple-R1 all of last Tuesday morning to read these ramblings:


I arrive late. Oops. Hey! It’s my former house mate’s wife on the door!

Rico and some opening remarks

Rico is speaking on Mark 4. He’s at breakneck speed. When preaching the gospel expect…

  • Disappointment. Hard work because it’s depressing. Not always happens. John the baptist Loses his head, that’s disappointing
  • Delay. Preaching is not instant. Trust that the Word does it’s work.
  • Dramatic Results. Hooray!

Have power in the Word to do it’s work.

Rico is a brilliant host. He just forgot the reading

Ian Garrett on Romans 5

According to the programme, “What We Have To Say First to Preach Grace Today”

Grace. Preach this and someone says “Won’t people do what they want?” “YES” “So you agree?” “You’ll find it changes what they want.”

Grace is hard to communicate

How do we preach (teach / train / disciple) in grace?

PART OF THE SAME TALK (I have no idea why I wrote this is allcaps)

You might or might not need to emphasise grace more

In talks Grace & Christ’s lordship fight each other

Romans is the God given framework to check whether any talk is in the right proportions.

Which parts of the gospel does your passage emphasise

“I should be shot at dawn if I haven’t preached the cross”

You may have to import the cross if the passage skips it.

Oh while I remember, this hasn’t happened till Thursday up North. So spoilers alert ahead. (Which would have helped had I written this up on Tuesday or Wednesday)

Five points about grace over two talks.

1) “In order to preach grace we meed to be gripped by grace itself” – Romans 1:14-17Galatians 2:20-21

Most important point

“The sermon was prepared, the pastor wasn’t” – C H Spurgeon (possibly, he says he doesn’t have a source for it and I can’t google it up anywhere, but does sound like Spurgeon. Most likely slightly misquoted)

Now quoting Richard Baxter at length. Dead Pastors FTW!

Preach your sermons to yourselves. Get yourself sorted first.

“Spend time with the passages as Ian Garrett the Christian not Ian Garrett the preacher”

Your crafting of the talk may suffer. It’s worth it.

2) “In order to preach grace, we have to preach sin and judgement” – Romans 1:18 and onwards

Guilt is a felt need you can wipe out with words

Don’t speak about sin so much that you don’t speak about grace

Judgement is reasonable

3) “In order to preach grace, we must preach the cross and what it achieved, recieved by faith) – Romans 3:21-26

Ian Garrett ♥ John Chapman

Speak personally about the cross.

“My evangelistic talks need not more sermon crafting but more…” I didn’t get the quote down, but something like people being slain in the spirit. More hilarious illustrations. Personal time with Jesus

And it’s a break for Danish pastries.

And as I write this up four days later, I take a break to make my dinner. More to follow later on.

1 That’s ctrl-F5 for the rest of you.