Lawrence hit by freak dog injury

This website will not become the Premiership football league of the United Kingdom is on fire, but this news story is even better than the below link. To keep with my newly made policy of not having two entries in a row tagged with “nothing to do with youth work”, here’s a session plan that uses this story in your work.

Session Plan:

  • Introductions (5 mins)
  • Icebreakers (maybe pin the tail on the dog) (10 mins)
  • Read the above story and ask the following questions: (15 mins)
    • How would you feel having help your club be promoted to the Premiership?
    • How would you feel having to sit out of a Premiership match?
    • Do you think he still loves his dog?
    • What “dogs” are there in your life that trip you up?
  • Read Joshua 7:1-26 (3 mins)
  • Pray for each other (to fill time until parents come to pick the kids up)