[I]n our fear of emotionalism, some of us may be in grave danger of banishing emotions altogether. Oh, there may be plenty of sentiment, but I am not talking about sentiment. Sentiment is weak and flabby. Sentiment is that which a hard man puts on to persuade himself that he still has some feeling within him. No, we do not want sentiment, sickly, maudlin, sentiment, we want emotion, the God-given quality. When did you last weep because of your distance from God? Some of us have forgotten how to weep, my friends. When did we last weep for joy, out of sheer joy and the sense of the glory of God? Many of us are afraid of emotions. Our whole training and upbringing, the whole attitude to life, is one that curbs the emotions. We feel that it is not quite respectable, it is not nice. We are steeling our emotions, curbing this God-given thing… This is not a plea for emotionalism, which I have denounced, it is a plea for emotion.

Martyn Lloyd-JonesRevival