Children In Revival

The vicar purchased Children in Revival for me and the kids worker at work. I’ve just read the first few pages at the minute, but already stuff has stuck out. A few quick quotes on how it seems to take time between being convicted of sin and believing in the Gospel:

“Constantly we will find references to person being ‘impressed’ or ‘awakened’, which may only be a first step towards full ‘conviction of sin’, and ‘conversion’ or ‘assurance’ is only entered many days subsequently. Today, the modern evangelist tends to lump all these together to claims results…”

“ ‘I found a son of my own, a boy of about thirteen, weeping and crying under deep convictions, and I hastened to carry him away to some house, that something might be done to quiet him. But on the way , a remark which I had heard some days before, on the sin and danger of stifling convictions, sprang up in my mind, so as to overawe me.’ “

1 Yes, you’re reading a website written by a person who enjoys reading a book about children involved in revival in Scotland between 1741 and 1958.