Earlier today I was walking back to work past the Radio 1 studios. To say it was surrounded by paparazzi would be a massive overstatement, but there were at least ten folk with massive cameras all lined up waiting for someone to leave. As I’m walking past there is a flurry of activity, I overhear that the celebrity has just finished being interviewed and so should be out any minute now so I slow down my pace of walk and actually start to dawdle. A few other people passing by do a similar thing. And then lo, some woman walks out of the building side door with two bodyguards and is bundled into the back of a blacked out van. All the photographers fire off their cameras and then jump into cars and drive off after her. Turns out it was Kiera Knightley (Who I thought was blonde and had short hair but never mind).

Here’s where it gets all a bit disingenuous though (and in case you haven’t realised yet, this is nothing about youth work or Christianity so if you want to stop reading now please do) is that the first website that came up via Googling (the afore-linked one) describes the situation as thus:

She’s one of the most recognizable British actresses in the world, and earlier today Keira Knightley was spotted leaving the Radio 1 Studios in London, England.

“Yeah, we were just walking past Radio 1 and who do we see but Kiera Knightley! Fortunately I had my £5000 worth of kit to take a photo or two of her”. It’s devious because it makes following a celebrity for photographs sound like bird-watching; they were just hiding out in a promising location seeing if some sort of celebrity would turn up and she happened to walk past. This is a lie, they were waiting for her with cameras because they knew she would be there.