The Illogical Studies

I had the misfortune of reading The Metro today (a misfortune I brought upon myself by choosing to pick up a discarded copy on the tube, but never mind). and was somewhat unsurprised to read an interview with a comedian (I forget who and the article isn’t up on the Metro website yet) who seemed to have lost her faith following going off to Uni and studying theology. I say somewhat unsurprised because it’s not that unusual to happen, there’s a reason the UCCF theology website devotes an entire section to it. This comedian’s big problem came up when she found her faith in scripture challenged by her professors, the quote going something like “I realised God didn’t write the bible with a magic silver pen”. The unhelpful response of saying “OMGOSH REALLY?” aside, the aforementioned UCCF website has a brilliant article entitled For the Bible tells me so? The roles of faith and evidence in believing the Bible. It’s rather good if long. To steal the point, here’s the quote:

[T]hrough the work of the Holy Spirit in illuminating the mind to the truths of the gospel, the Bible is accepted as true through faith. We come to accept the truthfulness of the Bible because we have first had our minds enlightened to see the truth of the Gospel, which we embrace by faith. This faith enables us to see that the words of the Bible purport to be God’s words and to grasp that God’s words are true words.