The Big Question: Have we taken child protection measures too far in Britain? – Home News, UK – The Independent

“Have we taken child protection measures too far?” Asks the Independent in a question made only slightly less provocative by them neither answering it nor understanding the question correctly. The question they ask is actually “are people afraid of being branded a paedophile in today’s society” which is a question asked in the licensed to hug report which came out a few months back and in which the authors answer the question with a definite “yes! they are!” The conclusion therefore is that a CRB check might be too much. Or not enough.

The big question warrants slightly more thought than that though, something that, alas, the Independent clearly believes is contributing to climate change and so has been conserving for the last few years. I’m re-writing our child protection policy over the next few weeks, I’ll let you know about the progress.