Job Opportunities

Due to the advanced network of carrier pigeons I employ, a fair amount of job adverts land at my desk. Some of them I’m happy to post up here, some of them I’m not so sure about, and some of them are illegible because they’re carried in by pigeons in London. Claw marks are the least of the problems. But anyway, it’s the middle category of jobs I wonder about. If a job comes into my inbox that’s lame, because you know, it’s a job in a church that talks more about making young people actualise their potential and empower their spirit than it does mention Jesus —which isn’t hard because it doesn’t mention him— then do I stick it up here anyway and let the reader decide? I think not.

Which is odd because I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t object to putting up the same advert if it was for Camden Council or whatever. If a council wants to employ someone to do that sort of thing, then that’s there job. It’s not a church’s job.

So in short, if you have a job that you want sticking up here on this space, then I’ll gladly do it. If we get enough regularly I’ll hack together a sensible way of searching them all through. However, if you work for a church or a Christian charity don’t be terribly surprised if I write you back and say “your job description doesn’t mention Jesus, or even imply him in the language, which seems a bit odd, I’m going to assume this is a mistake so I’m not going to post it yet. If it is a mistake hit me back with a correction, if it’s not a mistake, then I can’t in good conscience advertise it. I don’t think the church should be doing anything that doesn’t point to Jesus, and so a job without him even implied doesn’t seem that great to me.” Essentially, if I could read a job description in isolation from the place of work or occupational requirements, and not know whether it is an advert for a Christian charity or a secular charity, I’m not going to put it up.