Driscoll and Spurgeon

Everyone loves Spurgeon, and Mark Driscoll is no exception. (That’s not scientifically tested by the way) and now it seems he loves me too. Which is a concept I’m not entirely comfortable with, but whatever (FACT: how easily you find guessing someone is talking about Spurgeon directly correlates with how cool you find being name checked by Mark Driscoll). I have nothing much more to add to the series of posts on Spurgeon, especially as I don’t have any of the books I own of his to hand. Though I can tell you two random Spurgeon facts: One; the guy was all in favour of beards. Apparently beards meant you wouldn’t get a cold when you forgot your scarf, therefore you could preach more frequently. Two; The unofficial work policy regarding the Metropolitan Tabernacle Bookshop (Spurgeon’s old church) is that you’re not allowed to go into it with a credit or debit card. It’s cash only, and you let someone know you’re going in.