The Grove Is On Fire

I’m loath to start up something that’s been done before, especially something that’s been done before in such a large amount and so recently. (I think I’m even loath to start something by saying how loath I am to start something because it’s been so much done before, so much has that been done before; alas.) In the last few weeks and months, it seems like everyone and his iPod has started up a website devoted to youth work and theology, and youth work and ministry, and youth work and church mission so throwing something else out there, another website about youth work and the Christian life, seems like a fairly awful idea. But the internet being the soapbox that it is, self-loathing aside, I’m going to start a website about it. And by website I mean weblog. I mean one person writing about youth stuff. They’ll be no ‘resourcing’ here, no informative sessions plans or curriculum built around self-esteem and the book of Judges, just links to things that might be helpful and tirades into the ether.

So, this is what this is then; a weblog about doing Christian ministry with young people from me, a youth worker from a reasonably reformed evangelical background.

Alright, mostly about doing Christian ministry with young people, occasionally about other important topics such as that photo I took the other day, music of the early 21st century, the promotion chances of Ipswich Town football club, and the difference between crackling and pork-scratchings.

Alright, from a youth worker who is a five point Calvinist.

It’ll be great.